Trial of An Anarchist

In August 2012, Tasos Theofilou was arrested on felony charges of murder, robbery and terrorism. He served five years in prison before being acquitted in 2017.

Trial of An Anarchist is the true story of a man framed for murder and an unforgiving critique of anti-terror laws.

Featuring exclusive access to Theofilou and his writings, Trial of An Anarchist will present the extraordinary circumstances of his case using a hybrid approach, combining archive and depictions taken from Theofilou's writings with theatricalised reproductions of the trial proceedings. This hybrid approach is partly necessitated by the Greek courts prohibition of third-party audiovisual recordings and insuffucient written minutes.

Trial of An Anarchist will showcase current Greek affairs from a rarely seen angle at a time of a global rise of the far right and punitive State responses to anti capitalist, anti fascist resistance. It will examine Greece’s brand of the War on Terror through one egregious, highly publicized case and address persecution of political dissidence. The aim of the filmmakers is to shed light on the origins of Greece’s crisis and situate a distinctly Greek story in a wider, biopolitical terrain.

Hybrid Documentary

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Development on Trial of An Anarchist is supported by SHED